Zombie Vill

This is when a bigger group experiences much more fun.

Just another card game? Or the best group game experience?

 One of the few games that allows up to 10 players to play at once! It’s simple, fun and educational for ESL learners. This game helps children learn professions, and the brief background story given for each character will allow the players to use their own imagination. This unique game has three ways to classify the players.



Headshot_1                                                   Jonathan Albin, the Game Market Guru, creative consultant.

“Zombie Vill is an enjoyable game of “who’s out first” with a zombie kicker. The character pairings are well-thought out explanations why people would refuse evacuation orders, to reconnect with their friends, associates, and family. I particularly like the fact that play is regimented, meaning in the game you only collect a survivor to one side only (all to the left) rather than haphazardly, despite the apparent chaos that an actual zombie attack might cause. In that sense, it truly takes on the experiential role, not of being a sole survivor, but of being a leader of those that remain, doing what one can to expedite the rescue of the others. Further, that a player can become a “participant” (or a winner, in one of the rules options)because they kept the zombies out of their hand seems a very responsible stand, and I can see the merit of using such to teach the players to be responsible in handling such obstacles. I will be posting a Closet Report for this game very soon, so watch for it at www.theGameMarketGuru.com.”